Appeal a PCN

Making an appeal

We are unable to respond to appeals/complaints by telephone, email or via our online contact form. If your vehicle has been issued a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), you must follow the procedure shown on the PCN and write to the address displayed, for the attention of "Appeals Department". Alternatively, you can make an appeal online using the link at the bottom of this page.

If you make representations online, a reply to your appeal will be returned using the email address you provide when completing the appeal form, so you must ensure this information is correct and ensure you look out for our reply. If you make representations by post, then you will receive your reply by post.

If you have been issued a PCN, you must provide us with your original PCN together with your FULL contact details which must include your name and address, together with all relevant information that may assist you with your appeal. Failing to provide any of the details may result in a delay in a reply or no reply at all.

If you have received a PCN and wish to appeal, please do so within 28 days beginning with the date of issue of the PCN, either by using the link at the bottom of this page or writing to us at Capital Car Park Control Ltd, 3 Stanton Way, Suite 0106, London, SE26 5FU, titled either “Appeals Department” or “Complaints Department” (whichever relevant).

If your appeal is made by you and/or received by us up to but not exceeding 14 days from the date of issue, the amount will be held at the reduced amount until a reply has been made (see below for reply time). If your appeal has been refused, you will be given the opportunity to pay the reduced amount or make an appeal to the independent adjudicator POPLA.

If you decide to make an appeal to POPLA and POPLA also reject your appeal, you will lose your opportunity to pay the reduced amount.

Please note:

You must address your appeal to us in the first instance; if your appeal is rejected, you will be provided a unique reference number/notification number in order to use the independent appeals service POPLA. Any representations that exceed 28 days from the date of issue of the PCN will not be accepted and result in no reply being made.

You will receive a reply within 28 days of receipt of your appeal but in most cases sooner. Appeals may take longer in certain circumstances, but you will be notified if this is the case. (We reply to appeals, so if your reply exceeds 28 days, DO NOT accept this as your appeal has been accepted).

Please supply all details that relate to your appeal and all information/evidence that can assist with your appeal, as failing to do so will considerably delay the responses or the appeal being heard using the information/evidence already available to us.

When contacting us, please ensure that you write clearly and supply us with a return address. No address – no reply. This may lose you the opportunity to pay the reduced amount and your appeal not being heard at all.

Before appealing, we would first like to highlight that your vehicle may have been issued with a PCN because it was parked against the parking conditions displayed on the car park signs. Date and time stamped digital photographs are also taken of each vehicle showing the parking contravention. These can be viewed online via our website within 28 days of the parking contravention. This can be done by entering your unique parking charge reference number and registration number.

Disabled badge users:

Please note that the terms and conditions displayed on the property we manage also apply to blue badge holders unless otherwise stated on the car park signs.

Disabled badge holders please refer to:

Appeals may also be considered on the following grounds:

  • The PCN was issued contrary to the parking conditions displayed
  • A PCN was issued unlawfully

Appeals may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • My permit fell down or the wind blew it down
  • I am a resident, so the rules do not apply to me
  • I forgot to display my parking permit
  • I work here so the rules do not apply to me
  • I am waiting to receive my parking permit
  • My permit is in the house
  • My permit is in my pocket/bag/wallet
  • I have lost my permit
  • There was nowhere else to park
  • I was only 5 minutes
  • I wasn’t the driver
  • Disabled badge holders are not exempt
  • I/we didn’t know a permit was required

If you have received communication from our debt recovery agent, it is because you have failed to pay the Parking Charge Notice within the given time frame.

Receiving communication from a Debt Recovery Agency (DRA) is the final reminder before a court application is made.

We suggest that to prevent further action or further costs being accrued, payment is made to the DRA at this stage, to settle the account and to enable the closure of your file.

We do not suggest ignoring the PCN because it will not go away, and we give you the earliest opportunity to pay the PCN at its lowest amount available.

Payment is still due either because you have not made the payment, you have not made an appeal, or you have made an appeal and it has been rejected.

Please note that if you have tried to enter your vehicle registration and ticket reference number into the appeals portal and it no longer shows any information, it may mean that the option to appeal to pay us is because the option to do so has expired and the file has been passed to the DRA or a court application has already been made. (Dependent on the date of issue).


You may contact us to confirm the status of the ticket by emailing [email protected].

If the file is no longer with us, payment should be made direct to the DRA, please contact them by phone or online in order to make payment and close your file.

If you want to make a payment regarding a court order, please contact us. Once payment is made, we can then inform the court of your payment.

If the Parking Charge is within the time frame and you wish to proceed in making an appeal, please click on the link below.