About Us

How we got started

Capital Car Park Control Ltd was born after learning there was a need for parking management solutions across the UK. It was apparent that if there is a vacant space, drivers will tend to use it for their own convenience, not realising the inconvenience it may cause others.

Our industry approved signage provides terms of parking and are displayed in clear terms in each car park we manage, to deter unauthorised vehicles and to encourage car park compliance for others.

Enforcement comes only once drivers ignore the terms and conditions displayed within the parking area.

Starting with only foot patrols in the early days, we have since provided clients with the latest technology, using high definition Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras coupled with pay and display machines, with the convenience of pay by phone to effectively manage car parks of all sizes across the United Kingdom.

Our ANPR cameras act as a 24/7 visual deterrent towards crime and ensures car park compliance because it captures every vehicle coming into your property and going out, with the ability to capture date and time stamped images both in the day and night.

Whether you are looking for straightforward parking enforcement using our latest ANPR technology or revenue generation, we can provide an option for any type of car park throughout the United Kingdom.