Our Services


You can choose a number of options to assist with residential parking, from Permit Holders Only, No Parking in particular areas, and to ensure vehicles are parked in a single bay


We have solutions for any requirement that you have. Contact us and we would welcome you telling us your requirements and allowing us to provide you with a solution

Hospital Parking

With visits beginning and ending in the car park, we have a combination of Pay and display, pay by phone solutions, together with our ANPR cameras, ensuring your car parks are properly managed and ensuring visitors park with ease.

Health Clubs

Do you want to introduce a time limit in your car park or do drivers double park, reducing your customer base, CCPC can help. Our car park signs remind drivers of the terms and conditions of parking, ensuring compliance.

Retail Parks

Whether you have 10 spaces or 10,000 we have a solution to meet your specific requirements and can tailor make a strategy to ensure you receive the best results


Hotels receive many guests each day and require parking management to accommodate the need manage unauthorised parking and that of there guests. Capital Car Park Control have the tools to effectively manage both. Allowing for guests to have a smooth and uninterrupted stay.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an effective way of reading a vehicles registration number plate, the ANPR system records entry and exit times of vehicles. A parking charge notice will then be issued by post to the keeper of any vehicle exceeding the displayed time restriction.


The benefits are:


• Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• No staff required. • High Tech 3G ANPR camera systems.

• Real time statistics.

• Our system is less confrontational as opposed to a PCN being placed on a vehicle.

• FREE set up and signage. 24/7 Enforcement Our advanced ANPR cameras operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning your parking areas are protected throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions or lighting as our cameras camera vehicle information both day and night.


No staff required You can rest assured that our camera systems can do the job of 100 staff as our ANPR system is completely automated and does not require personnel to be present for operation. ANPR parking enforcement has many benefits with no need for wardens AND is non-confrontational. 3G technology Capital Car Park Control use the latest 3G ANPR camera systems, unlike many others, these systems do not require any on site PC or internet connection.


Real-time statistics Our ANPR parking solution includes market leading software with advanced reporting capabilities. You will get access to live & historical statistical reports via a secure client web portal. These reports provide insights into your customer base and their behaviour. This data is invaluable and can assist you in making better business decisions.

The Pay & Display machine can often provide the simplest and most cost-effective solution to generate revenue from parking areas. Pay & Display is the latest, modern and elegant solution to today’s parking control and enforcement needs.


The machine prints a durable, heat resistant and easy to read ticket, which the user clearly displays in the front windscreen of their vehicle. The large easy to read display also gives clear and precise instructions to the user.


The meter is completely configurable, from altering the message to structured tariffs and different days and times. A Pay & Display meter is a single unit that can replace multiple meters. In addition, one machine can service 100+ parking spaces.


The system is completely configurable whereas wide ranges of tariff options are available, and the smart cash box accurately records the cash taken therefore, minimizing fraud. In the UK Pay & Display is used for both on street and off-street parking control and parking in car parks and in multi-story car parks accessible to the public.


The Pay and Display system used is solar powered so in addition to saving energy, the machine can be placed almost anywhere, providing ease of use to the user. is the modern and elegant solution to today’s unsupervised parking control needs.


We would be happy to offer you: Joint Venture Straight forward percentage of Turnover· The Service Includes:


  • Full installation of machines and car park signs that meet industry standards
  • Regular maintenance, cash collection and banking
  • Integrated cashless system to offer flexibility to consumers
  • Necessary enforcement to encourage car park compliance






To further raise our standards and qualify for larger contracts, we are members of the British Parking Association (BPA) and also members of the BPA Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) which is the exclusive qualification for obtaining data from the DVLA.


Our company is also registered with the data protection office under the data protection Act 1998, and we are legally bound under Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

We offer a completely free setup of all necessary Pay & Display machines and associated car park signs, displaying terms (including tariffs set by you).


Pay & Display is for those who wish to generate revenue from land.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is also offered with this option to encourage compliance of your car park, giving you 24/7 management across your car parks.

If you want to be in FULL control of the car park and have the tools in which to do so, our self ticketing option is best for you. Once you download our parking app, we provide you with a unique set of log in details, allowing you to simply collect and send vehicle details with a couple of clicks.

If you are looking for a patrol service to regularly but randomly visit and manage your car park, this is the ideal option. Our patrols will attend and identify vehicles that are non compliant and issue a ticket to the vehicle.

A Cashless Payment System can be used alongside a Pay & Display machine & ANPR or as a standalone service.


We offer a Cashless Payment System (CPS). This offers a flexible and convenient payment service, allowing users to relax without having to return to their vehicles in order to extend the time initially chosen as this can be done from wherever they may be.


And with a friendly reminder, the driver can extend their stay without the risk of receiving a Parking Charge Notice.


Payments can be made by phone or by app, using a credit or debit card and with SMS text alerts, consumers can be notified prior to their paid parking fee has expired, allowing them to remotely extend their stay, enabling them to either continue with their shopping experience or accept that unplanned overtime at the office.


The benefits include:


  • FREE setup with parking signs that meet industry standards
  • Eliminates the requirement for pocket change
  • Works with or without Pay & Display Machines
  • Easily Integrates with ANPR technology
  • Convenient for customers
  • You choose the tariffs