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00The issuing of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) is a very useful measure that is less confrontational & contentious than clamping, whilst still offering a firm deterrent to unauthorised parking.

Standard Capital Car park Control warning signs are designed to give the highest deterrent possible, giving clear information to motorists the restrictions in place. Measuring 46cm (18inch) x 61cm (24inch), the signs are more than suitable for the larger parking areas and are designed within the guidelines of the British Parking Association (BPA). Whereas some companies supply, a smaller version of warning notices for smaller parking areas, we DO NOT. We display the same size warning sign in all locations simply for clearer guidelines for the public. Not only are Capital Car Park Control warning signs are designed using clear, bold colours with strong legible text but display pictogram's, providing the public clear instructions of the parking requirements within the parking area.

The signs represent a contractual agreement, such as that any vehicle contravening the displayed parking conditions, is effectively agreeing to the terms & conditions set out within the displayed signage. Therefore, vehicles parked in contravention of these conditions will accordingly be issued a PCN.



03Once a PCN is issued, it is the responsibility of the driver to either make representations or forward payment within the specified time period given, displayed on the PCN itself. If however payment is not received, we will retrieve the registered keeper details from DVLA. We will then send a payment reminder to the registered keeper. Should payment still not become submitted, the contractual agreement entered into when parking on the property will be enforceable in the civil courts where we will use our digital photographic evidence. These actions will only be taken as a last resort in order to recover outstanding payments.

The issue of PCN’s on private property is governed by a voluntary code of practice set out by the DVLA of which Capital Car park Control adhere to this code.

If you are a commercial or residential customer suffering parking abuse, we will tailor our system to meet your specific requirements.



You can choose from the following options: 

Option 1:

Regular visits throughout the day & night by our parking enforcement operatives, the issuing of Parking Charge Notices where necessary.

Cost £0.00

Option 2:

Random patrols by our parking enforcement operatives, the issuing of Parking Charge Notices where necessary.

Cost £0.00

Option 3:

Call out service only, no patrols.

£ Please call for prices

With all options, we supply all our clients with legally, more formal designed warning signs which sets a contractual agreement between ourselves and the driver of the vehicle, which we erect in all relevant areas across the affected location/s. Maintenance of such signs is carried out throughout the years by Capital Car park Control.