Self Ticketing-Capital Car Park Control


The self Ticketing option helps those in locations up and down the UK, regardless of whether it is a large parking area with 100+ spaces or where parking is limited to just a few parking spaces, but is still subject to regular abuse. The option is also the perfect option if you wish to create some revenue.

This is the perfect option for those who wish to be in FULL control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All that is required is the download of our Mobile Phone App and you can start issuing tickets 24/7/365

The benefits are:

  • Less confrontational
  • Itís like having a ticket book in your pocket available 24/7
  • No more uploading photo/files to our website, its done on the spot
  • No more remembering to send the duplicate ticket/s in the post

For further information relating to this service, please click here and provide us further information of your requirements and we will contact you back shortly.

If you decide to choose this option, you will receive:

  •           Car Park Signs
  •           Enforcement Envelopes
  •           ID Badge

By working in partnership with the DVLAís secure information service, the keeper details will be retrieved and a parking charge Notice (PCN) will be sent in the post and you will be offered £15 for each paid ticket that we receive. 

This self ticketing option enable you to effectively manage your own parking facilities and issue a Parking Charge Notice to an unauthorised vehicle around the clock.