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Permit System


capitalcarparkcontrolpermitsIf you want to control your parking facilities without the need for parking enforcement, why not try it your self by using our easy implemented permit system. This can be introduced in locations such as Hotels to Hospitals or Pubs & Clubs.

Do you need to control the allocation of car park spaces at your organisation to ensure that legitimate vehicles are parked in the correct locations?

Do you find that valuable parking space is regularly invaded by visitors of neighbouring businesses?

Do your clients have to park a considerable distance from your premises because visitor space is taken up by shoppers or people looking for 'free' parking?

Are you concerned about the possible Health & Safety implications that the presence of unauthorised vehicles may represent?

Knowledge about which vehicles are authorised to be on your property continues to increasingly important. An unauthorised vehicle could well result in an unwelcome intruder, impede access to essential services or simply commandeer space for which you have paid for.

Simply by implementing a professional Parking Permit System, properly logging users and publicising the existence of the scheme will reduce or even totally eliminate unauthorised parking on your premises.

What's more, it doesn’t cost you a fortune ...

You could implement a Parking Permit System for as little as 42p per vehicle per month! Permits provided by Capital Car park Control cover the needs (and budgets!) of most organisations, from small business to large enterprises such as airports, hospitals and universities. Of course, if you want to discuss any particular requirement you may have, all you have to do is give us a call or send us an email and we'll be glad to offer assistance.

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