Pay & Display-Capital Car Park Control


The Pay & Display machine can often provide the simplest and most cost effective solution to generate revenue from parking areas.

Pay & Display is the latest, modern and elegant solution to today’s parking control and enforcement needs. The machine prints a durable, heat resistant and easyto read ticket, which the user clearly displays inthe front windscreen of there vehicle.The large easy to read display also givesclear and precise instructions to the user.

Themeter is completely configurable, from altering the message to structuredtariffs and different days and times. A Pay & Display meter is a singleunit that can replace multiple meters. In addition, one machine can service 100+ parking spaces.

The system is completelyconfigurable whereas wide ranges of tariff options are available and the smart cash box accuratelyrecords the cash taken therefore, minimizing fraud. In the UK Pay & Display is used for both onstreet and off street parking control and parking in car parks and in multistory car parks accessible to the public. The Pay and Display system used is solar powered so inaddition to saving energy, the machine can beplaced almost anywhere,providing ease of use to the user. is the modern and elegant solution totoday’s unsupervised parking control needs.

We would be happy to offer you:

Joint Venture Straight forward percentage of Turnover·        

The Service Includes:

·         Full installation of machines and signage

·         Regular maintenance, cash collection and banking

·         Cashless payment system, where required to offer increased flexibility to customers

·         Necessary enforcement to ensure compliance

To further raise our standards and qualify for larger contracts, we are members of the British Parking Association (BPA) and also members of the BPA Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) which is the exclusive qualification for obtaining data from the DVLA. Our company is also registered with the data protection office under the data protection Act 1998, and we are legally bound under Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). 

Joint Venture - Straight forward percentage of turnover:

We offer a completly free setup of all nesesary Pay & Display machines and associated car park signs, displaying terms (including tariffs set by you).

This option is for those who
 wish to generate revenue from land. Automatic Numberplate Recognition (ANPR) is also offered with this option to encourage compliance of your car park.