How it Works-Capital Car Park Control


CONTRACTJPGWhether you are looking to protect your property from unauthorised parking, wish to display restrictions to ensure correct parking on site or simply wish to create a new revenue stream, after browsing our website you should have a clear idea about the direction you wish to go. If your still unsure, Capital Car Park Control has the experience to point you in the right direction. We will advise and suggest an approach we feel will best suit your requirements.


Capital Car park Control will carry out a free-of-charge survey of the affected site. Following which, we will discuss your requirements & agree upon a solution. Depending on the type of service or system to be set up, a contract agreeing the terms of service will need to be completed prior to the commencement of any enforcement.

Once we receive the contract authorising us to manage the effected property/s, we will commence installation of the relevant signage and/or equipment relating to your specific requirements.


Signage is normally erected within 3 days & displayed for 7 days (or longer if required) prior to any enforcement to inform the public of the change and allow sufficient notice that parking control is now in place and provides sufficient time to distribute parking permits where necessary. Should there be any specific details at the site, our operational staff will be briefed prior to the commencement of any active enforcement.

Naturally, every site & situation is different, therefore it is our standard policy to review a site after 6-8 weeks of installation of any equipment, in order to carry out any adjustments that maybe necessary to the enforcement & the monitoring process, including any maintenance that maybe required.