Capital Carpark Control-C.O.P-Capital Car Park Control

Code of Practice


A parking agreement with the customer must be in place prior to the commencement date on the agreement and before any enforcement taking place.

If a vehicle is immobilised, Capital Carpark Control shall arrange for the release of that vehicle within a two-hour period from the time when the owner has requested to be released and agreed a payment method.

Capital Carpark Control does not charge a clamp release fee above £125

For vehicles that are clamped, we believe there must be at least one sign clearly visible from the vehicles parked position, as signs placed just at the entrance have no legal significance.

If a vehicle has been immobilised
by Capital Carpark Control or sub contractor, payment will be accepted by either cash or all major credit/debit cards by methods of chip & pin only.

Capital Carpark Control deals with all Complaints / Appeals that may arise within a 14 day period after the date of offence. A reply with be given within 21 days from the date of receipt of any Complaint / Appeal. 

Capital Carpark Control takes digital photographic evidence of every vehicle, which have received a fine of any kind whether a Parking Charge Notice or Wheel Clamp. This shows if a permit was not displayed, or to establish the reason a charge was issued.

A period of 5-10 minutes is allowed on residential developments to allow parking permits to be collected and/or visitor permits to be obtained, although 15 minutes are allowed for deliveries with hazard lights showing.

Capital Carpark Control display there company logo and contact details on all vehicles used for car park control and enforcement.

All Capital Carpark Control signage display appropriate warnings in bold which identify us as the authorised user responsible and give 24 hr contact details.

All our operatives at Capital Carpark Control carry identification and SIA licences at all times where appropriate and are always dressed in our company uniform so are easily identifiable.

Capital Carpark control ensure that all our operatives are given sufficient training within the parking sector and are able to show they have capability to carry out there duties in a professional and friendly manner.

Capital Carpark Control provides a minimum of four weeks training which continues throughout there employment with us. This allows our operatives to show confidence and be professional when carrying out there duties.

Capital Carpark Control do not, under any circumstances, immobilise any emergency Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade or security transport vehicles.

Situations not accepted under our code of practice listed below:

· Unprofessional behaviour, threatening behaviour, intimidation, aggressive      behaviour.

· Poor administration on behalf of company.

· Insufficient position of warning signs.

· Poor Communication

· Complaints/Appeals not being dealt with within 21 days or not at all.

· Extortionate, unwarranted amounts being charged.

· Blocking in vehicles to clamp them.

· Taking cash only as payment.

· Not wearing uniforms and not carrying identification.

· Giving commission to land owners or others.

· Charging over £125 as a clamp release fee.

· Charging over £250 for a tow away fee.

· Charging over £35 per day for storage.

If a new contract has been entered into, Capital Carpark Control will place the warning signs on the effected property within three working days. They will be displayed for at least seven days prior to any enforcement taking place but after an agreement has been received by our offices.

Capital Carpark Control keeps records of all enforcement action on computer and/or on paper records, for a period of 12 months and we record all complaints received. 

All Capital Carpark Control warning signs have the parking conditions clearly highlighted so as to not to confuse the motorist.

Window stickers are used to inform the driver of the vehicle how to make payment, showing the method of payment together with our contact details and appeals procedure.