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About Us



Capital Car park Control is a company who can offer our time, knowledge and personal opinion within the parking sector. 

Covering many areas, Capital Car park Control can Offer parking control services that best suits you the proprietor. You can choose from a number of parking restrictions you find necessary and come to an agreement which is appropriate for your location.

One option is the issuing and enforcement of PCN’s. This involves issuing offending vehicles a Parking Charge Notice who contravene the parking regulations put in place

Other options are available such as self ticketing where you can simply issue a ticket yourself. Wheel clamping is an option or Pay & Display which can also provide an alternative revenue stream & our services are so versatile, it can be applied to any size parking area holding from 1 space to 10,000 spaces.

Specialising in parking control services, we offer a choice. A choice to offer a workable & softer approach towards offenders by using the method of issuing a Parking Charge Notice to the offending vehicles, and/or wheel clamping and/or vehicle removal. Wheel clamping & vehicle removal will continue to be an option and used in some cases where it may be your primary option or where the offence becomes persistent. This may apply in locations such as hospitals, schools and areas displayed as “No Parking at Anytime”.

As you would expect from a reputable company who offer there services within the parking sector, we require our clients to complete the following two forms.

          Parking Control Authorisation Form
          Form titled "Your Requirements"

Parking Control Authorisation Form is required to be completed and returned by the client as no reputable company should engage without one. This form will contain all details relating to the affected location, including site address and client details for correspondence purposes. It is also our policy not to disclose our clients details to third parties.

Your Requirements is a further form we require our clients to complete. This form outlines the parking restrictions you require to be placed within each location whether it be the issuing of Parking Charge Notices or the installation of Pay & Display. This also includes the days & times of operation.

Please click here if you are interested in protecting your parking facilities where we will be happy to send you the forms which will authorise us to manage your parking facilities on your behalf.